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Millions of people travel between and within countries by air every year, so communicating with the public worldwide is essential for airlines: the more people they reach, the broader their possible customer base.

In order for these flights to take place, meticulous technical work must be carried out to ensure safety in an ever-changing dynamic international field. Many aircraft manufacturers have factories in several different countries around the world, which in many instances necessitates translation services. An accurate translation is vitally important, since the smallest error could entail a risk to safety.

Our services

At The Word Planet we pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our translations, working with CAT tools that will guarantee consistency throughout your documents. Combined with more than 10 years of experience in the aerospace and aviation industry, this is what sets us apart from other translation agencies.

We can translate any document related to this sector, including:

  • maintenance manuals
  • technical manuals
  • technical documents
  • technical specifications
  • corporate documents
  • international cooperation agreements
  • wet and dry leasing agreements
  • websites
  • marketing material

Our team

We believe in providing you with the best possible service, which is why our linguists only translate into their mother tongues, after which all translations are reviewed – again by a native translator. To join our team, they must not only meet several stringent selection criteria but must also have experience in the aerospace and aviation industry in order to provide technically accurate and high-quality translations.

We will also assign you a dedicated project manager who will monitor and control every aspect of each assignment, making sure that all your requirements are met and that projects are delivered on time.

Our team of professionals, together with our skilled linguists, and our dedication and commitment to excellence will ensure the success of every project.