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Meticulous attention to detail is essential in the legal sector, where ambiguous translations or poor interpretations in court could lead to problematic situations. For this reason, we only work with linguists who are highly experienced in this sector. Many of them have studied and practised law, are sworn translators in their countries, or have worked for legal firms; this provides them with wide-ranging technical knowledge and guarantees accurate translations. Furthermore, we have a very strict confidentiality policy and all the linguists who work with us have signed a confidentiality clause.

We offer translation services for a wide range of documents, including:

  • patents
  • regulations and directives
  • trademarks
  • court reports
  • copyrights
  • litigation documents
  • articles of association
  • prenuptial agreements
  • terms and conditions
  • divorce papers and forms
  • disclaimers
  • wills
  • contracts and agreements (such as shareholder agreements, confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements)
  • powers of attorney


Living in today’s global market, it is important to find a global solution to your financial needs. We are surrounded by international financial activities; this means that your current and potential customers can be based anywhere in the world. For your business to succeed, it is vital that your customers fully understand your products, and this is where we come in. We offer multi-lingual services to a number of financial sectors, such as insurance, banking and stock exchanges, and we can translate and localise a broad range of different materials, providing tailored solutions to your needs.

A few examples of the types of documents for which we provide translation services are:

  • promotional material
  • annual reports
  • websites
  • insurance policies
  • analysis
  • insurance claims
  • business plans
  • bills of exchange
  • financial reports
  • mortgages
  • finance balance sheets
  • international trade documents
  • banking documents (relating to investments, international banking, products and services, and similar)

Our team

At The Word Planet we believe in providing you with the best possible service, which is why our linguists only translate into their mother tongues, after which all translations are reviewed – again by a native translator. To join our team, they must not only meet several stringent selection criteria but must also have experience in the legal or financial sector in order to provide technically accurate and high-quality translations.

We will also assign you a dedicated project manager who will monitor and control every aspect of each assignment, making sure that all your requirements are met and that projects are delivered on time.

Our team of professionals, together with our skilled linguists, and our dedication and commitment to excellence will ensure the success of every project.