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The telecommunications industry has changed our lives and the way we communicate with each other in an incredibly short period of time. We are no longer limited to letters and the landline telephone system, as new communication methods have been, and are continuing to be, invented. In short, distance is no longer an issue.

At The Word Planet we are very familiar with new communication methods, such as:

  • e-mail
  • mobile telephone systems
  • satellite telephones
  • SMS
  • instant messaging
  • video conferences
  • web meetings
  • VoIP
  • social networks
  • blogs

The telecommunications industry is changing at the speed of light, and you can rest assured that The Word Planet will provide you with the expertise and quality you are looking for.

Our services

At The Word Planet we work with over 150 languages and not only provide interpreting services worldwide but can also translate and localise all your telecommunication materials, such as:

  • user guides and manuals
  • product specifications
  • software
  • technical documentation
  • documents for telephone companies
  • websites

Our team

We believe in providing you with the best possible service, which is why our linguists only translate into their mother tongues, after which all translations are reviewed – again by a native translator. To join our team, they must not only meet several stringent selection criteria but must also have experience in the telecommunications sector to ensure correct use of terminology in order to provide technically accurate and high-quality translations.

We will also assign you a dedicated project manager who will monitor and control every aspect of each assignment, making sure that all your requirements are met and that projects are delivered on time.

Our team of professionals, together with our skilled linguists, and our dedication and commitment to excellence will ensure the success of every project.